Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 Pro Hypersport Rear 190/55ZR17

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Ultra High Performance Radial Tire

-Ultra high performance radials designed to maximize the performance of all sport bikes on the road today

-Utilizes a multi compound formulated with technology from Bridgestone's Moto GP Tire development, for outstanding grip in all conditions

-Front: uses dual compound to provide grip in all riding modes and the parallel S shaped grooves provide optimal cornering force

-Rear: uses a dual compound to provide stronger traction and the L shaped grooves enhance shock absorption

-3D Comprehensive Tire Design Method is an advanced tire design technology that enables dynamic three dimensional simulations of tire performance at all lean angles

-Utilizes a compound containing a combination of two special components, silica rich EX and RC polymer, offer improvement of dry, wet, life and less performance decrease